Guarantees is proud to back up our unique service with a variety of guarantees to  assure our customers that they will always receive the finest, most professional academic writing service available.  Thanks to our unique guarantees you be sure that our service will not only provide you with the finest essays, theses and dissertations available, but also every paper is finished on time. And every time and comes with a guarantee of 100% complete satisfaction.

Anti-plagiarism Guarantee

The Super Dissertations writing service comes with an absolute guarantee that our work will never contain any plagiarized material or content.  Every paper written at is based on entirely new research and our professional writing staff makes certain that none of the reference material is copied literally or quoted without full and accurate citation.  To make certain that no plagiarized material  even accidentally slips past our writing or editorial staff every paper written at is automatically screened by the latest anti-plagiarism software of the type used by leading universities throughout the world.

Money Back Guarantee

If a client can demonstrates the presence of any plagiarized material contained in work produced by Super Dissertations we will refund the entire cost of your paper. Just send us a copy of the section of your essay, thesis or dissertation which you believe to have been copied, along with the source from which you think it originally came from.

Confidentiality and Privacy Guarantee keeps its customer’s identity and contact information entirely confidential.  All deliveries from, and transactions with, are made via a completely secure server to prevent hacking into our system and pirating our customers’ details.  Personal information and details provided to Super Dissertations are never shared with any third party at any time or for any reason unless the customer specifically requests us to do so. All personal information is removed from our system 30 days after final delivery of your paper.  Please, read our privacy statement for complete details.

Access Guarantee

Super guarantees that our customer care team will be there for you at all times, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year, to answer your questions and keep you in the loop on the progress of your paper.  All information and questions intended for your personal writer will be promptly delivered  to your writer and be answered as soon as possible.  You can contact us at all times by telephone, email, fax or live online chat.  Please, see our Contact Us page for full details.

Quality Control Guarantee

Every writer employed by must pass our rigorous hiring standards before they are allowed to work for us.  Every writer at Super Dissertations must hold either a Master’s or PhD degree and haveEnglish as their native language.  No writer employed by Super Dissertations is ever assigned to write any paper outside of their academic field.  Super Dissertations will never outsource work to individuals who are not fully qualified in any field of research or who do not have full and complete experience in writing top quality academic papers.

Guaranteed Free Revisions

At Super Dissertations our work is never finished until you are satisfied. Your paper is guaranteed to be formatted written and footnoted according to your specific directions. If you are not completely happy with your paper because your initial requirements were not met, we guarantee to revise your paper. We will do it free of charge.