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The first step you will need to take on Super Dissertation to order thesis, dissertation or other paper, is to fill out our online order form. In this application form you will provide us with your name, email address and give us a basic idea of the type of paper you want written, how long it needs to be, the academic level it should be written for and how fast you need the finished work returned to you.  Once has this information we will be able to figure out how much it will cost to have us write your paper.  We will send you the price in an automated reply that will ask you to confirm your information and confirm your interest in having Super Dissertation write your essay, thesis, dissertation or other paper.  Once you have accepted our price, made your payment and instructed us to begin work on your paper there will never be any additional fees or hidden costs.

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As soon as your order has been received and your payment has cleared, Super Dissertation will assign your paper to one of our writers who is experienced in your particular field of study. employs hundreds of writers with backgrounds in dozens of varying fields of study. Don’t be afraid that your personal writer will not have excellent knowledge of your particular area of study as well as appropriate academic level for your paper.  For example, if your paper is an undergraduate essay in business administration your assigned writer will have an in-depth academic background in business administration and years of experience writing at this level.  Similarly, if your paper is a thesis for a masters study program your writer will hold at least a master’s degree or higher.  Once the best writer has been selected for your project we will send you an email informing you that a writer has been assigned and that the work on your paper has begun.

By the time you receive your confirmation email your personal writer started.  While we are always glad to work with research or reference material that you suggest or supply, our writers are also can do all of the research work for you.  They will access a vast variety of sources that assure you of the best, most thorough research possible.  If you want your writer to work with specific sources you will need to provide us with the research references and a list of the texts you want cited in your paper.

When the research work is finished your writer will immediately begin working on compiling and writing your paper.  During the writing process you are free to contact your writer, as often as you desire, to check on the progress of the work and make suggestions and comments about the paper.

When your writer has finished the first draft of your paper will submit the work to an meticulous editorial process.  Our editors will check the work for style, grammar, word usage and spelling to eliminate any chance of errors or mistakes.  After the editing process is complete the final paper is submited to anti-plagiarism check  done by the most advanced anti-plagiarism software available.  Any chance of having plagiarized material, no matter how small or inadvertent, will be eliminated.

Only when the paper has been thoroughly reviewed and checked for plagiarism it will  be sent to you.  Super Dissertation papers are normally delivered by email as a Microsoft Word document attachment.   Alternatively, you can select to download your paper directly from your private account on the website.

Once you have received and read your paper you may find that there are certain things which you would like to have changed.  Super Dissertations has an unlimited, Free Revision Policy that allows you 2 days  to contact us with any desired changes, we will  make the necessary changes and return the paper to you.  If your Super Dissertation paper is a dissertation it may take you longer than 48 hours to  review it thoroughly, so for customers who order dissertation, Super Dissertation provides a 30 day revision allowance.  At we will always make the necessary revisions, within your assigned time frame, you will never be charged for revision work.