Research proposal

In addition to providing full assistance with dissertations and writing services, we, at can also prepare a dissertation research proposal for you. Once you request such assistance from us, providing your topic as specifically as possible, we assign a doctoral level academician who is both an expert in your field and an experienced dissertation writer.

We will ask you for a detailed description of your desired area of research, as well as a complete listing of requirements that your advisor has given you.  A dissertation research proposal may differ in nature among institutions, so we must be certain that all requirements and guidelines are clear.

It is our goal to provide a fresh perspective when designing a dissertations research proposal.  You do not want your proposal to be alike with others in your same field.  You want it to be unique and memorable, and that is just what we will provide.

Often a Dissertations research proposal is designed not simply for a dissertation committee approval but also for the acquisition of grant funding for a research project or study.  Foundations and research development agencies which provide funding for research will only consider those proposals that meet their strict guidelines and that demonstrate the potential to add something new to the body of research. Based on information you provide to us, we will design a dissertation research proposal which ensures reviewers that your work will be credible and contributory to the work of previous research.

The proposal itself must provide reviewers with both the problem you are addressing and with a justification of its worthiness.  It provides the blueprint which you will follow.  If it fails to provide these two critical points, you will be asked to begin again, perhaps even to change your topic altogether.

Any dissertation research proposal must incorporate the following elements:

  • A short introduction of the problem or topic
  • A full description of the research goals and objectives, including benchmarks and methods of measurement
  • A precise thesis statement
  • A complete description of the research methodology to be used
  • A projection of results and conclusions once statistical analysis of the data has been completed

If these facets are included, and if you have carefully determined a topic that provides a unique or fresh perspective on the problem, then you will be fully prepared to respond appropriately to any concerns or questions of your reviewers.