Thesis proposal

A thesis proposal is a far more complicated writing process than most students realize.  It is a critical piece in the process of a thesis production and must follow strict guidelines, given by the institution the student is attending. 

You can ease this difficult process by using the help of our writing professionals. They produce theses and dissertations and provide all levels of assistance throughout the process. Writers can either simply review and revise what you have already written or to produce an entire product from scratch.

The structure of a thesis proposal includes:

  • the identification of a problem
  • a generalized summation of previous work related to the problem
  • your approach to the problem
  • justification of your approach
  • a timeline for completion of each state
  • a bibliography

Your proposal must demonstrate that you either intend to support previous research or contribute something new to existing research.

Thesis proposals vary in length and depth dependent upon both the subject field and the general institutional requirements.  If you are struggling with the development of your thesis proposal, contact us right away.  We will take what you have completed thus far, assign a content-specific writer, and deliver back to you a 100% guaranteed original thesis proposal, meeting your guidelines, specifics and deadline, without exception.