Once you have prepared the methodology section of your dissertation, then you have to conduct the research, in order to collect the data.  This is a time-consuming and rigorous activity.  Once the data is collected, moreover, you are ready to prepare the Dissertation Results section, in which you analyze your data, using statistical workups that are appropriate for your research.  

The Dissertation Results section begins with an introductory paragraph.  In this paragraph, you should refer to the Literature Review, in order to remind the reader of previous findings. Your findings will either support earlier research or add something new to existing findings. And you should conclude whether your results generally support, contradict, or refine previous research.

The “meat” of the Results Section will be the quantitative, statistical part of your research.  You will present the statistical information, testing, and all graphs in an organized manner, mirroring the thematic presentation of your literature review section as closely as possible, so that accurate comparisons can be made.  This is a difficult undertaking for one who is not familiar with statistics, and you may want to obtain assistance in preparing this critical portion of your dissertation.  Often, unexpected results or nuisance factors present themselves and must be accounted for and explained within the context of the overall research question addressed.  In general, you are looking either to confirm earlier findings or contribute new findings which will motivate future researchers
Qualitative results are written summaries of the conclusions you have reached as a result of your research and analysis of all data.  Here, you should also point out any shortcomings to your research and make suggestions for future research on this subject.

Once you have completed the Dissertation Results section, you must arrange for it to be proofread by somebody else, both for content and for grammatical, structural, and usage errors.  You are too close to conduct this proofing and editing yourself - find an objective third party to do it.

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