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If you study at the higher academic level, every project you accomplish is of great significance, as genuine scholars assess your works. Special attention is paid to such extended research papers as dissertations. Unlike brief writing assignments, comprehensive scientific research requires a well-presented front page. It should consist of all the essential elements, which reflect academic standards. Although professors will scrutinize your investigation itself, evaluating its potential, you should not neglect to create a dissertation title page according to the specific instructions. It serves a similar function as a book cover, which introduces the topic and the author of the work. However, the very first sheet of an integrated scientific work sheds light not only on the subject of the research. It should also invoke interest in your readers, who will instantly see whether they are knowledgeable in the sphere or at least interested in your subject matter.

A thesis or a scholarly dissertation must always have an opening page. It is aimed to reveal the fundamental information about your research. Thus, it typically encompasses the project’s name, the author’s name, and the institution’s name. You should specify an educational establishment where you study or collaborate with. In general, the formatting standards may differ from institution to institution.

The basic discrepancy is predetermined by such factors as means of publication, academic level, particular regulations within an educational establishment, and the chosen writing style. Yet, certain unifying features exist irrespective of your educational phase. The following guidelines can be applied to both Master’s dissertations and Ph.D. theses.

Typical structure of a dissertation cover sheet

Title of the thesis/dissertation

The most important thing to remember is that academic writing is never ambiguous. Its focus on objectiveness makes it different from literary writing. Thus, your title must reflect the exact topic and the central purpose of your research. Your readers have to comprehend the meaning of the title right from the start. When generating your title page for dissertation, apply the necessary keywords, which can illuminate the scope, goals, and approaches of your investigation. For instance:

Contemporary Interpretations of Telomere Gene Therapy

The Philosophy of Love by Erich Fromm Applied to Modern Perception

Social Effects of the Beat Generation versus Hippie Movement

Although your title should not be vague, it can remain creative. You can also come up with a clarifying subtitle.

Hint: Although you can experiment with catchy titles, consult with your mentor regarding the relevance of your heading. Being excessively creative may lead to the unnecessary sophistication of your subject matter.

Information about the author and the related affiliation

As your role is the most significant one – namely being a researcher of a certain topic, you should also mention your qualifications and affiliations. Such details are integral:

  • • Your name;
  • • ID number;
  • • Name of the institution and the corresponding department you represent;
  • • Date and year of the project submission;
  • • Program/academic level related to the dissertation (MA, MSc, Ph.D., etc.)

Supplementary elements of the dissertation opening page

The above-mentioned constituents of your dissertation are the primary ones. There are also additional elements, which sometimes become compulsory ones depending on the regulations of your institution. The following details are often included:

  • • Your mentor’s name;
  • • Type of article (a thesis or a dissertation);
  • • Total number of pages;
  • • Recognizable university logo/motto.

Sometimes, there should be a special approval page, which comes after the cover. When needed, a project chair or an authorized committee member may be in charge of signing it. The approval sheet precedes an abstract, which briefly summarizes the scope of your work. Afterward, you should locate your table of contents. Recently, a copyrighted sheet has become a significant dissertation element.

The succeeding tips will teach you how to make title page according to the up-to-date academic standards.

The Dissertation Front Page Formatting Hints

Dissertation writing entails cooperation with an academic supervisor, who will elucidate all the necessary guidelines for this type of project. Your instructor will show you the exact location of each integral element in your paper, including the front page. Other important structural details encompass indentation, margins, and spacing. If you are not sure about the most suitable font (especially if you have several options), do not hesitate to ask about the font and capitalization particularities for this very work.

The general embodiment of the dissertation cover sheet is predetermined by a specific title page format. Luckily, only three major formats are most frequently used in academia, such as APA, MLA, and LaTeX. You will use the one your educational establishment prefers. Further, you can evaluate the differences between the demands of the three writing styles.

APA-styled Cover

A dissertation title page APA should encompass:

  • I. A running headline;
  • II. The primary page number;
  • III. The title of your research (according to the general academic rules, it is unadvisable to use more than 12 words for your title; abbreviations can be used only in exceptional cases);
  • IV. Your name as the researcher;
  • V. The name of your university/alternative educational establishment.

MLA Front Page

MLA format title page is usually comprised of:

  • – The title of your research;
  • – The author’s name;
  • – Name of the course, which is related to the research matter;
  • – Professor’s name;
  • – Final date of the dissertation submission.

LaTeX Front Page

The dissertation title page in Latex should contain:

  • – The project’s title;
  • – The possible relevant subtitle;
  • – The researcher’s name;
  • – A line, which elucidates an explicit doctorate the project had been submitted for;
  • – The logo of your educational establishment;
  • – Your institution’s name, your department’s name, country, and date.

Dissertation Title Page Example

If you are currently completing a Master’s degree project, you can use the following example of a dissertation front page, which adheres to the updated academic demands.

Quick Details and Smart Tips

The subsequent nutshell instructions will help you to prevent typical mistakes and generate a unique title, not breaching the scholarly standards:

  • • Scrutinize the preferred format of your institution and follow all the mentioned rules;
  • • After you produce a draft of your cover sheet, proofread every single aspect of it (check whether everything is spelled and arranged correctly according to the refined template);
  • • Check the order of every line on your opening page; make sure that primary details are prioritized over additional details.
  • • In addition, you may use online proofreading and editing services offered by reputable writing companies. There, an experienced custom writer will check every character of your text to make sure nothing spoils your masterpiece.

All in all, we are sure that you will create an impeccable title page if you pay enough attention to the structure and the required style.